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Case Studies

Home Fire Prest Logs

We go beyond just supplying boxes. We also work on customized projects to optimize your packaging needs. Here's a great example from Home Fire Prest Logs:

Situation: Home Fire Prest Logs packed six fire logs in a single box which was too heavy for many customers and had very little wow factor on the shelf.

Solution: Redesign of the packaging led to a four-log, die-cut tray which was engineered for easier transport and handling at the corners.

Result: Not only did this new packaging design significantly drive down material costs, it also enhanced the visual appeal of the product at point-of-sale.

Blue Sea Systems

Situation: This mass designer and manufacturer of electrical boat parts asked us for two separate boxes to ship a new, two-part product.

Solution: Rather than design two boxes we created one custom box that held both pieces. This enabled Blue Sea Systems to reduce minimum orders volumes from multiple vendors and benefit from the cost savings of ordering one packaging design in higher quantities.

Result: With an easier fulfillment process of packing a single box Blue Sea Systems was able to streamline their packaging needs and gain economies of scale. Paired with our inventory management system, they can feel confident in knowing they will never run out of inventory. 

We take pride in building personalized relationships with our customers to create a win-win solution that meets their needs.